If you’ve been sitting around at home, counting down the days until you can move out into your coliving space, use the time before then to develop some of the most important practical life skills you won’t regret learning before school! Even if you’re staying home for the school year, any student with free time would benefit from developing the following skills from the comfort of adolescence, where they can make mistakes without consequences!

1. Cooking

If you think you’re going to spend the next few years ordering out, you’re wrong. Take it from the former roomies of coliving spaces with fast food restaurants nearby who thought the exact same thing… until we slowly realized there was never enough to save for necessities if we didn’t clean up our act. If we’ve effectively discouraged you from coliving in a single sentence, think about it like this: who else is going to cook your crush a romantic candle-lit dinner for two? Well, that is, if your dorm allows guests… note to self: ask beekeeper ASAP. Not your roomies, surely, who will be bribed to steer clear from anywhere near where you two are going to be in your coliving space? Admit it, points were made.

A few go-to recipes here and there will make a big difference to your finances, as well as your quality of life. If you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes under P1,000, check out our article about it here: (title, hyperlinked)

2. Accounting

Don’t worry, not the one you’re learning about at school. Personal finance is a skill everyone, ideally from a young age, should be aware of – most of all when you’ve got a lot more freedom to spend than you used to. After all, temptations await outside your school and coliving space.

To simplify it for non-ABM students who may not have the assets = liabilities + owner’s equity equation down pat, here’s the easy version: spend less, save more from your daily/weekly/monthly allowance. Tracking money can even be fun for students who enjoy working with numbers and coming up with solutions to lessen spending (this is always the goal). Maybe you can even get others in the dorm to start on a strict money saving regimen with you, which is going to be a good way to keep each other accountable. Make it fun with occasional challenges, too (as long as they’re not detrimental to your health)! In for a penny, in for a pound – so goes the student coliving experience.

3. Laundry

Yes, really. There are a lot of people, surprisingly, who don’t know the difference between detergent and softener! Don’t be the roomie who has to borrow softener from someone else in the dorm laundry room because you didn’t know you needed it.

Speaking of clothes, if you’re lucky enough to be coliving in a dorm that handles that for you, you may instead want to pick up basic sewing before you leave the house. If there’s anything more embarrassing than stinky socks, it’s stinky socks with holes in them.

...and if all else fails, you can try and try again! Some of the following skills would be made easier with talent, but hard work beats talent any day of the week – who knows, you may even discover your talent for one of the following the more you try! Good luck, roomies!