How can you be your best self even during the pandemic? Here are seven tips to help you take care of yourself and remain productive even when indoors.

Most (if not all) of us want to come out of this pandemic better than how we were before it started. It’s our way of standing up for ourselves; for saying that even if we are stuck indoors, we have control of how we see the world. Let’s turn the downside of getting stuck indoors into something positive and productive for ourselves!

Here are some easy steps to help you in your pandemic glow-up journey:

1. Build a deeper connection with important people in your life.

Intimacy and relationships in our tech-focused world is an interesting thing. We are connected to people now more than ever through messenger, zoom, and even TikTok. Sometimes though, this ease of connectedness makes us forget how easy it is to lose touch with people who matter to us. Use this time to bond with your closest family and friends. Do activities together like cooking, watching movies, or simply chatting with them to let them feel their importance for you.

2. Health is wealth — especially now!

Not only do you need good nutrition to boost your immune system during this pandemic, it also gives your body the energy boost for your day. By being mindful of what you put inside your body, you also control your health and well-being. The simple acts of drinking more water gives you much clearer skin, promotes mental clarity, and aids with weight loss. Don’t forget to take your vitamins too so you can keep your immune system strong!

3. Move your body.

Exercise can be challenging when we’re stuck indoors, but with the right mindset you can totally get in the groove! Get the right app that works for you like Down Dog for Yoga or HIIT Workout, and set aside a schedule for you during the day for your workout. Don’t forget to also allow yourself small moments in your day where you can meditate and strengthen your inner peace and cleanse your body from within.

4. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself.

There is nothing better than spending some alone time, with good music and your fave food for some rest and relaxation. You can also spend some time not just feeling good, but looking good. Add a pinch of baking soda when you brush your teeth to help with teeth whitening. Applying some castor oil to your lashes before you sleep will help give it length. For a natural lip scrub, you can gently rub sugar on your lips and rinse with water before using your lip balm to get the quality of smooth lips.

5. Keep a clean environment.

The simple act of keeping your window open and allowing the sun stream in is a great way to highlight the day. Doing some chores like washing your laundry and cleaning your closet will also help you clear out the negativity and organize your surroundings. As Ericka Oppenheimer said, “Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose.”

6. Glow up to your highest potential.

You can use this time not just to pamper yourself, but to get over a personal hurdle that you’ve been meaning to face. Pick something you want to improve about yourself, and start the steps to self-improvement. Write what your hurdle is, and find ways to overcome it. Come up with action plans to do like reading books, searching for tips online, and listening to podcasts that would help. Baby steps are better than no steps at all! Remember, just keep swimming.

7. Take your imagination for a ride.

Pick up a book and start reading. It doesn’t have to be an incredibly complicated novel or academic book; an article about your favorite game, series, or hobby can get your mind going. Remember what we said about baby steps? Starting small and getting yourself reading will feed your mind good thoughts, even if it’s coming from the words of a writer. To quote, George R. R. Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” If you can’t go out, might as well get lost in the writings of other people.

Your glow up doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is to do right now is the best you can for yourself. Keep your head above the water and let’s get through this!