It’s 10pm, way later than the 4pm alarm you’ve set for a “20-minute power nap.” Startled, you’ve been awakened by the thundering rain violently knocking on the window beside your bed, like an uninvited intruder insisting to take refuge inside your cozy, rented room.

Groggy, you yawned as you rubbed your eyes, still processing the gloomy coliving space, and stretched your body, aching from the abrupt awakening. Right, you remembered. There still are plates left to be rinsed, clothes to be laundered, school notes to be reviewed, and a young adult to get oneself together.

You grabbed the screen-broken phone you accidentally dropped on the floor while sleeping, and snatched the earphones you left connected to the laptop. Tying your hair up into a ponytail, you are now in focus mode. Fixing the papers strewn on the floor, you played the following ambient ASMR background music and lofi beats to accompany you in this long yet productive night ahead.

Forest Sounds | Woodland Ambience, Bird Song, Nearby Village | 3 Hours

Royal Library | Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds on Study Ambience with Crackling Fireplace

Enchanted Forest - Music & Ambience

Hogwarts Classroom | Harry Potter Music & Ambience - 5 Scenes for Studying, Focusing, & Sleep

Side Streets (Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chill Beats)

Ambience/ASMR: Writer's Library from the 1930s, 4 Hours

Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds - 8 Hours

Summer Kitchen Ambience: Wood Burning Stove, Whipped Cream Sounds, Baking Sounds, Nature Sounds

Ambience New York 0f 1945s with Fireplace & Music

Staying In (Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix)

Forest Sounds at Night - Lake Water Sounds, Crickets, Frogs, Lily Pads, Pond Nature Sounds

Cherry Blossom (Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chill Hop)

Daily Routine (Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chill Hop)

Ocean Waves | Broke up with her today, but tomorrow is the final exam...

Early Morning Vibes

And… done! Now, it’s 5am. The heavy downpour has already subsided, leaving behind a drenched city that’s lit up by high spirits and lofty dreams. There’s only a few hours left before cooking breakfast--before the smell of garlic and onion being sautéd in butter lingers. And as the orange sunshine rises and hits your gaze, you are reminded that like yesterday, maybe not unscathed, but you’re going to get through this day again.

You got this, roomie!