POV: Your college application forms are staring you in the face and there are only a few days left before the deadline. Being the conscientious student that you are, you’ve probably taken care of everything else… the only exception being the checklist for your preferred major. Worried about committing to a course – and career in a few years – you’re not 100% sure about at your dream school? We’ve been there. Here are three steps that can help:

1. Think about what you’ve always wanted to do.

While this may sound obvious, your personal aspirations – even from childhood – should take priority over what everybody else thinks you should do. Even though your personal aspirations will likely change over the course of a few years, especially as a young adult, don’t worry. Students rarely graduate college working in the field your course trains you for. This is the case for a lot of professionals. Not convinced? Ask your parents, your roomies’ parents, or even your beekeeper! If you’ve worked in internships or part time jobs, you will know that soft skills like communication – which you’ve likely developed already from spending years in a coliving space (wink, wink!) – and teamwork – again with the student coliving experience perks (wink, wink again!) – often bridge the gap between different industries.

2. Consult your family.

While no one knows you like you know yourself, you can always turn to your family for help – especially regarding important decisions you’re not sure you’re able to make yourself. After all, they helped you make a decision about the coliving space you’re in, didn’t they, which helped you make the friends you have today. Beyond choosing between a dorm for rent or room for rent for your student coliving experience, your family – especially any older siblings who have gone through the exact same thing you have a few years ago – will have a lot of tips to give you to help you through your dilemma! It will also be a fun way to catch up with your loved ones after being away from home for so long while coliving.

3. Discuss it with your school guidance counselor.

If the time you put into doing your own research comes up empty, go straight to your school guidance counselor. Aside from helping you decide on the school that best fits your needs, they will have other resources that will help you chart a career plan for you, too! If you need a reality check after hours of watching YouTube videos that romanticize your profession of interest, we’re sure that your visit to your guidance counselor will conveniently provide that for you, too.

…and that’s that, roomie! We wish you luck on what’s usually known as the best four years of your life. Don’t stress what comes after too much because contrary to popular belief, you’ll always be free to switch out when you don’t feel happy where you are. For now, however, enjoy the ride!