You’ve finally got the job you’ve applied for, or perhaps you just launched your startup business, and bills are piling up again, you rush to grab your keys hurriedly to the door – while you wish your errands could run themselves. The next thing you know, you’re in the middle of the grocery aisle, wondering what you missed out on during your 3’oclock meeting because you were too busy wondering when was the last time you had a good 8-hour sleep.

Now as you yawn over a document in writing, you yearn to get that 8-hour sleep that you desperately need and utterly deserve, you’d find the solution right at your fingertips! You don’t need to travel places to go apartment hunting, because it takes about seven seconds to find your perfect match! It goes without saying that renting takes you further in your savings! Unlike love where it's trial and error, finding your perfect space is simple. You need a studio unit with french windows, or a spacious one-bedroom apartment, it all takes one search! For a place to stay, you can depend on the reliable and up-to-date services of Rentalbee.

Want to rent a space? Get your perfect space in just 3 easy steps!

1. Browse - Choose from a wide array of properties from unit-sharing to private space.

2. Reserve - Create an account for FREE and book the space you’ve chosen.

3. Move In - Your new budget-saving rental space awaits you!

Why is it the perfect time for you to rent?


– Renting lets you save money on private property ownership, taxes, and bills

– Renting is environmentally friendly, reducing the number of infrastructures developed through commercialization, and if you choose a shared space, you reduce clutter and contribute to environmental sustainability

– Renting a space allows you to meet new people, fostering friendships, and connections which you can use for belongingness or maybe even business expansion

– Renting a space provides you with countless amenities and services, which you can receive for free

– Renting guarantees your safety and security, you’re protected from theft and your belongings are securely protected within the walls of your rented space

What’s on your list?

– Free and fast internet access

– Spacious working area

– Free parking

– Free coffee and tea

– No distractions

– Fully-serviced and equipped working space

– Budget-saving

You can check everything on your list, from freebies to budget-saving tactics, you’d find everything you need when you choose to rent. Your dream space awaits you, and it sounds like a magical place! With the different options provided by Rentalbee, you won’t get distracted with dogs barking here and there, or Mr. Taho passing by, because the space you choose is carefully curated to fit your needs. You can maximize your efforts without exhausting your energy through renting. Save the most on your budget and gain more time to rest and work productively. You’d finally meet your deadlines, like meeting the love of your life, or even get ahead of the curve because your focus will be spot on.

For student freelancers who work on commissions, and working professionals who wish to build their team, launch their business, study, work, and make calls, people who have an entrepreneurial mind such as yourself can finally work at your pace in your space. You can work safely and sleep at peace because the space you’ll be renting is designed specifically for you. When you choose from the countless options on Rentalbee, you’ll find yourself discovering the perfect place. A pad where fresh ideas will spark from your creative mind.

Oftentimes, we get bored of our home office, school desk, or workstation, and we realize that we need a change of scenery. The best solution for this dilemma is to work at a Co-working Space. If you’re a student, you can imagine the ease this will make around your plans, your teammates and yourself will finally meet in a shared space where you can effectively work in a collaborative space. There’s a well-known co-working space with top-of-the-line equipment, fast unlimited internet access, free parking, and unlimited coffee and tea - it’s called Weremote. Among other spaces, Weremote’s gets you everything you need in one place: a peaceful working environment, secure storage, fiber optic internet access, and countless services, like having a Virtual Office for your newly launched online business, freelance work for commissions, or perhaps your startup. It’s even safer to work at this particular co-working space when you need a change of scenery or a motivation boost because the space uses Plasma Air Ionization Air Filtration Technology that diminishes and cleans up all unwanted dirt and lingering viruses in the air.

Unlike staying in cafes or public spaces, the co-working spaces at Weremote guarantee that you are safe from any airborne health hazards. When you choose a co-working space over some regular café or public place, you’d receive the best and highest quality of service. Talk about picturesque ambiance, comfortable interiors, and a cool and breezy working environment, imagine the electricity and utility costs you’ll be saving when you work at a co-working space.

7 Reasons Why Renting and Co-working is Better than Buying

1. Flexibility

From choosing your space close to the university in preparation for face-to-face classes to selecting your home office, renting gives you the flexibility to choose from a customized selection of quality properties, curated for your needs. Countless locations to choose from are available on Rentalbee’s platform. Do you want a unit around the university belt? You got it! Do you want a space with a built-in workstation for your freelance commission work? Sure thing! Anything you want in a space can be achieved when you choose from Rentalbee’s properties.

2. Lower Utility Costs

You don’t need to spend on high electricity, network, or water bills, because when you rent, costs are watered down to a low. Imagine if you choose to rent a space with your best friend, your costs will be split in half, and perhaps it will be further reduced because you’ve chosen a co-living space.

3. Independence

You don’t need to commit! You’d be given several options to choose from, be it for half a year, or annual rental, you can choose from anything!

4. No Real Estate or Commercial Taxes

Here’s where you get lucky! If you’re renting, paying property taxes is beyond your responsibility.

5. Plug And Play Amenities

Renting a space with Rentalbee or a workspace with Weremote gets you the balance of work and life in one affordable streak.

6. Opportunities to Establish Strong Network

Establish your startup, or build your career with strong and fundamental connections that get you further ahead! You can be a working student, freelancing your way to success, or a professional in the hustle of reality, whatever situation you’re in, you can build your own solid network of quality connections. Utilize your energy in learning from individuals who help you grow.

7. No Maintenance Worries

Stay worry-free from paying extra in maintenance, because everything from amenities, facilities, and security, is handled for you. You don’t need to panic about losing your belongings or being stolen from, the properties of Rentalbee are carefully selected to support your security needs.

Main Takeaways

By renting you will minimize your spending by maximizing your productivity and rest. You’ll finally get that well-deserved 8-hour sleep you’ve been dreaming of for the longest time. Spend the least amount of money once you start renting. Every benefit will come your way, from safety, security, independence, flexibility, access to amenities, and a chance to build connections with fellow professionals. Perhaps you can even build long-time friendships when you rent a shared space. Feel at ease and finally experience the joys of being independent when you start renting and explore your options.