Social media nowadays never lacks the daily shares of posts that are funny, cute, weird and interesting. Let’s not forget the inspiration as well. From photo collages that give a story, to a five-minute TED talk with unknowingly remarkable people, the internet is a great source of mental stimuli for the avid scroller.

As their purpose serves, we are somewhat inspired or “hyped” with the idea of being one of the people featured in said videos. The inspiration that day to day people stumble upon as they scroll their way through the day.

Are we living up to that idea? Are we the inspiration that we ourselves would like to be? Somehow it’s quite intimidating to be an inspiration for anyone at all if we ourselves aren’t inspiring ourselves on a day to day basis, and it’s more prevalent nowadays that we need a hard nudge in the right direction just to get us through the day.

It’s a tall order, isn't it ? But if we were able to scroll down to an inspirational video, what’s a good reason to be one? Here are inspirations to be inspirational!

1. Because you can!

You, the reader, are capable of more than what you think! In every person born, we have potential. We are born with the innate ability to rise up and take on the challenge of everyday problems and solve them in flying colors. You have the potential to be an inspiration to everyone around you. You are a great person capable of great things, and you, reader, have the potential to be an inspiration!

2. No one is stopping you.

Most objectives in life will often present blockers, and yes it’s highly unlikely that this task will have them however, we need to know and acknowledge that on your journey, no will tell you to stop being a good person and inspiration.

3. You are already there!

We have all done things in life that we are very proud of. Study, graduate, work and create. These achievements are the backbone and inspiration that you, the reader can instill in people around you! The story behind your drive and passion towards these goals will provide that light in the dark days we encounter!

It’s never easy to be an inspiration, but remember that for every Facebook video or post that you see, it was the same thought for them and you are never short of an inspiration to someone.