If you thought online class was going to be hard, what about the unavoidable return to face to-face classes? Despite what you think, it may not be all rosy, which is why we’ve come up with the student’s definitive guide to what to expect after online class – all the while winning at school!

1. Social distancing will still be in the way.

You would be forgiven for thinking that going back to face-to-face classes meant being able to talk your way through boring classes with friends again. However, with the threat of infection likely to last a few years even after global vaccination efforts, you may have to adjust to seating arrangements both in learning and non-learning areas being one meter apart.

Luckily, should coliving spaces reopen together with schools, you will be able to enjoy pre-pandemic proximity with your roomies (who will have no doubt been tested for the coronavirus before they were allowed to begin their student coliving experience with you). With this, don’t forget to check with the beekeeper of your dorm for rent if they require testing and/or other documents before you arrive!

2. After-school hangouts will likely be difficult.

Even with schools opening back up, it won’t be easy to assume the same for your after-school hangout spots. In the interest of safety, you may even be discouraged by your parents, teachers, and/or beekeepers from going anywhere else after school. Hey, as long as you’re able to go home safe and sound, to the promise of your roomies – who certainly aren’t boring, thank you very much – you can always have a great time even when you’re staying in your coliving space!

3. Remember: in-person consultations will be available again.

If there’s one universal online class conflict, we, as students, can all agree that it’s the difficulty of understanding lessons. With face-to-face classes back, however – protective measures aside – students who find themselves confused about a subject can enjoy one-on-one consultations with professors again.

4. Get used to speaking up in class again.

If you thought it was hard before, it may be even harder now that students are used to keeping their cameras and microphones off. Build the habit, either way, as it will not only help out your grades – that 5% may even make or break your final report card, if you think about it – you will also be doing your professors – who are probably more relieved by face-to-face classes than you know – a favor, too!

5. In-person fatigue, as well as your online habits, may affect your first few months.

If you’ve spent the past year with your camera and microphone turned off, you’re probably going to struggle with readjusting to being called on randomly to answer questions, waking up early for regular class times, and even staying awake at school for back-to-back classes. With school the way it is now, we can’t blame you!

Don’t let it discourage you. Instead, rebuild healthy habits with your roomies who are probably familiar with the same issues you have.
If you find yourself feeling discouraged, remember to do what has helped all of us get through these times: reach out to those closest to you. Not only will they be familiar with your situation, particularly if they are also students, but they will also provide support for you. No one gets through this alone, roomie, so make sure to return the favor when your friends need you the most, too!