Roomies from the provinces migrating to Metro Manila to pursue their tertiary education has been a long-standing phenomenon in the Philippines. Reasons vary ​​— from admissions to a dream university in the urban capital, to the abundance (and inequalities, but that’s another story) of opportunities, to the preferred first-choice course only being offered by schools in Manila, to the genre of character development and growth only possible when you’re alone in the cityscapes.

Whatever these reasons may be, one thing’s for sure: voyaging into unexplored territories is a daunting, yet exciting process. This first “big life decision” is going to be one of the many in the future. But before bidding farewell to the place and people you’ve known too well for so long, and taking that literal leap to a Manila-bound plane, take note of these things.

Behind those rose-colored glasses, are the unforgiving challenges of the Metro — may it be sketchy rooms for rent, or the ever-present threats of petty theft as you commute (always stay vigilant!). It might be hard to find a safe haven amidst the smog (literally and figuratively) that can shelter you when everything gets too much to handle. At the end of a whole day exploring the neighborhood like a tourist, a comfortable bed to lie your crunchy back on is all you’ll ever need. So make sure to find a home [near your university] where you belong, and Rentalbee simplifies that into three quick and easy steps: browse, reserve, and move-in.

At Rentalbee, we connect renters directly to property partners, allowing quick and easy transactions anytime, anywhere. We aim to revolutionize the student housing industry by providing the best technology to find coliving spaces online.

Even if you don’t immediately recognize it, waves of nostalgia and homesickness will crash to you every once in a while. There are days when a homemade sabaw is the remedy when you’re sick of fast food and cafeteria meals. Being away from your close friends and adjusting into a new environment might prompt you to question if you would fit in this crazy world called Manila. This is young adulthood: a series of impermanence and willingness to go out of the comfort zone, and there’s a coliving community of roomies and beekeepers who are here to support you.

Overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and butterfly-fluttering... You’re about to live the newfound independence and Manila dream you’ve been fantasizing about. It’s high time to rock that college experience, and make lasting memories worthy of relinquishing, as you rest in a rocking chair sometime after retirement.

Got any “been-there-done-that” advice for our roomie freshies? Let us know in the comments down below!