The rise of work and study from home has created a multitude of opportunities for many students to harness and apply their skills in different settings without leaving home. Some can even combine three internships and their academics at the same time. After all, it’s all about balancing studies and internships with the right techniques and strategies.

Here are tips on how to balance academics and internships in the new normal:

1. Collaborate with your friends and classmates.

Having an internship while studying means that you will have less available time to do your schoolwork. This can be quite hard in a group work setting because some may have different schedules and preferences. There can be times that it may be quite difficult for you to focus. As such, it’s best to ask your friends for help and to clarify concepts or requirements that you don’t understand.

2. Schedule everything in advance.

In a student intern life, everything must be scheduled ahead of time. Most internships these days offer time flexibility. They usually focus on your output, rather than attendance. As such, it’s best to schedule weeks in advance to effectively deter yourself from cramming.

3. Set a time for each task.

Similar to scheduling in advance, you must allot a set amount of time for each task or output. This can help you work efficiently with discipline and order. Even breaks should be scheduled to avoid burnouts in between.

4. Organize your workspace.

Sometimes, it’s hard to not make a mess given the workload internship and school bring. However, it’s more beneficial to clear your workspace. This means throwing your trash in the bin and arranging your papers in folders and organizers. Your body will thank you for making your workspace less overwhelming and less stressful.

5. Take some breaks in between tasks.

Doing so much work nonstop for the whole day can bring fatigue and even more stress and pressure. This can even cause eye strain, which may induce some pain. Taking breaks every few hours can help you regain your focus and energy. Use your break time to eat, drink, and to nap to make the most out of your day.

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