The time is coming for that time of the year again. No matter how much you dread it, you can never run away from it - ever. What is it?

Finals week.

Two words that bring so much terror, especially when you just have one too many requirements on your plate that would never seem to be completed. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you look for a great place to study, be it a café or the library. Here are some tips so you make sure you’re picking the best place that will help you study and focus on your work:

1. Stay comfortable.

Find a place that provides you the right amount of comfort, but not too much that you feel too at home. Choosing the right place where you can stay for hours and do your work peacefully should be a priority. We don’t want you having back pains and eye strains after long hours going through your lectures. So, yes, dibs on that soft sofa chair!

2. Know what you need.

Are you doing research work? Will you be working on your laptop all day? You definitely need WiFi and a socket. Make sure you stay at a place where you can get reliable Internet connection and power supply so you can keep on grinding, hassle-free. If you need to go through a book and want to disconnect for a while, why not try to turn off data and skip the WiFi zone? Whatever it is, fit your space to your needs so you can stay peak productive!

3. Avoid distractions.

Cafes are already too noisy and busy with people chatting and having meetings? Try somewhere else. It’s always fun to explore and discover hidden gems, small cafes and lounges where you can enjoy your peace and quiet while studying and keeping productive.

4. Alone or with Friends?

Some people like to stay in productive spaces because it’s always inspiring and gives you that boost of energy to be around people moving and working like you. Some prefer to be left alone to focus and think. Do you work better alone or do you prefer being with friends? Find out what works better for you and stick with it. Have fun!

5. Keep it lit

It’s always a good idea to read in well lit areas. Show your eyes some love!

6. You made progress

Reading tons and tons of learning materials can be tiring, however, if you arrange your desk with “done” books on the left, current material in the middle and “to read” books on the right, you’ll get that “achieved” feeling of finishing a task and seeing it in a physical form!

7. Stay hydrated and gyrated

When we mentioned that reading is tiring, it comes to a point that it’s physically tiring. That being said, always have a bottle in arms reach! Keep a lid on it to avoid spills and do your stretches regularly! That’s a 2-minute stretch for every 30 to 40 minutes of reading or typing!

8. Timing is key

You have your mind on studying, yes that’s a good thing! But, always remember that you can take your breaks! To apply breaks on your study or work time, you can relieve tension building up in your brain from all that overload of information. Set a timer for yourself — 30 minutes of work, 4 minutes rest is a good example!

  • Start a 25-minute timer
  • Work until the timer rings
  • Take a short, five-minute break
  • Every four pomodoros (focus periods), take a longer break—usually 20-30 minutes

9.Work and Play(list)

Some students prefer the silence, while others go for the loud and energetic prowess of music while studying to fuel their focus. A good tip is to listen to music with not much lyrics to listen to. This prevents you from writing the lyrics or missing the last word you read and get lost!

Sample anyone?

With those tips it’s going to be a better, more efficient time for your studies! Either at home, co-working spaces or in your dorm!

Study well and good readers!