As college students, we typically rely on our family for our allowances. There are times, however, when we feel that it's not enough for what we need and want, but are too shy or afraid to ask for more. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to earn money on the side as a college student. Not only will they help you fulfill your financial goals, these opportunities would also help you strengthen your resume and future job prospects.


Many companies these days, big or small, offer paid internship opportunities as a way to help students to nurture their professional growth. These opportunities provide you the chance to go beyond the four corners of the classroom or Zoom to apply the necessary skills in a real life company. A mentor and your colleagues from the company would usually guide you in learning the procedures and approaches of the company. They will also serve as the foundation of your professional networking circle.

Along the way, you would go through some challenges, which would serve as an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, particularly your work ethics. style, and preferences. After all, learning about your field of study is not limited to your college.

Freelance Graphic Illustrator

The rise of the digital economy has brought about huge changes in the advertisement and arts industry. Online ads have become more popular as people adapt to smartphones and computers. Gone are the days when print was the only dominant medium. Given these changes, freelance graphic illustrators have become in demand. They are tasked to create designs and concepts in making sure the ad, logo, and the likes adhere to what the company and the market want.

If you're capable of doing digital art using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs at your preferred time, this may be the best side job for you. Freelance graphic illustrators usually join Fiverr to advertise their offers. Some even go to Reddit and Instagram to showcase their work portfolio.

Virtual Assistants

Becoming a virtual assistant provides you the opportunity to work flexibly. It entails a strong mastery of office administrative tasks and programs like Microsoft Office, bookkeeping, social media posts, and arranging the calendar. Just like any other freelance job, you may find or create offers on sites like Fiverr.

Online ESL Tutor

Compared to our East Asian neighbors, English has always been the medium of instruction of almost all schools in the country. Sure, we get "nosebleed" at times, but that's normal. If Filipinos aren't good enough, why would there be call centers here and ESL hubs?

There are different ESL websites catering to Filipino ESL teachers. This includes the likes of 51Talk and RareJob. Being an online ESL (English as Second Language) Tutor provides you the opportunity to teach, communicate effectively, and generate educational content. This opportunity would help you learn how to deal with mistakes and patience as you would typically teach young foreign students from Japan, South Korea, and China.

Establish Your Own Ukay-Ukay Brand Online

The combination of the Marie Kondo phenomena and the pandemic has made people clear out their closets of things that don't spark joy. Well, instead of throwing your unwanted clothes, why not establish an "ukay-ukay" shop online. This would not only help you clear your closet, it would also earn you some extra bucks! Once you've established your brand, you may consider starting buying and selling "ukay!"

Given these opportunities nowadays that would bring both financial and professional benefits, it is best to assess the place you live in by asking yourself the following questions: Is your place too messy or noisy for your potential sideline? Does it have an unproductive vibe that makes you dread working?

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