Beyond the classroom and the lessons you learn in it, the friends you make in college make or break your uni experience. You will make your best experiences with them, creating a bond that can last a lifetime. During this time you can find people who will stay with you through thick or thin, no matter how sucky a breakup can be, or how spectacularly you failed a subject. As long as you have the right people by your side, you know everything will eventually be okay.

Sometimes though it’s easy to forget to take care of your friends, despite all the perks that come with a good friendship. Busy schedules, crazy professors, and overwhelming extracurricular activities can prove deadly when trying to remain friends with someone. Check out these tips so you can make sure you don’t accidentally ghost a friend:

1. Always let your friend know what’s up with you.

Even with Facebook and Messenger, it’s easy to forget your friends. Messages may go seenzoned, slowly whittling away at a good friendship. Get out of this mindset and make sure to communicate properly with your friends instead. Always let them know if you are able to reply to them on time or not, or give them a heads up when you’re so deadly busy you won’t be able to reply even to them. True friends are those who will understand you, even if you aren’t always able to provide a whole essay of why you’re busy right now. PM is the key, so make sure you let them know what you’re up to in life.

2. Don’t be afraid to get real with them.

Intimacy comes in surprising ways. You can even be intimate with friends, by opening up about yourself to them. Sharing yourself is one of the biggest things you can do but with the right friend, the leap is worth it. It’s okay to be open and vulnerable with them, especially when things are getting rough. It’s those who stay during your tough times that prove to be the best of friends who will last your lifetime.

3. Be honest and respectful with each other, no matter what.

It’s so easy to be at odds with each other nowadays. The world is so polarized, with landmines of disrespect waiting to happen. You don’t have to overthink about how you can avoid this. Just always keep in mind that your friend is someone you care for, so always treat each other with the same level of respect. Enter mature conversations with your friends with an open mind, be respectful, and never be judgmental unless the mood calls for it. Be sensitive to know when the right time is for fart jokes and trash talking, and when to take your friend seriously.

Making friends is never easy, and it’s even harder to keep those you make in college. People fade away and ghosting is a norm nowadays, but when you find the right friend you know you will always have a home where you can stay where you belong.