As much as the student coliving experience sounds like a walk in the park, the simple act of getting along with roomies alone involves a fair amount of work! However, this, as well as other common misconceptions about coliving, shouldn’t discourage students from trying it out and seeing if it suits them. We compiled a list of three of the top coliving misconceptions to help our roomies realize the true essence of the student coliving experience.

Myth #1: Your roomies are either going to be your best friends or your worst enemies.

One of the biggest benefits of the student coliving experience is definitely having a built-in network even before school starts in the form of your roomies. However, in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work out for either of you, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad coliving experience. All relationships are rooted in respect, after all, and even if you and your roomie don’t end up to be the best of friends, it’s always a good idea to stay civil with the people who share a coliving space with you.

Myth #2: Your coliving space is going to be too small.

While too small coliving spaces definitely exist, this issue can be solved with research. Tip: the average coliving space size is about 16m². Considering that you may be sharing this room with roomie/s, create a list of possible options that you can see yourself living comfortably in. Luckily, if you’re renting through Rentalbee, each listing displays all of the information you need to know to make sure your coliving space suits you perfectly. Additionally, each listing comes with photos of the space, which allows students to take note of the location, size, and facilities!

Myth #3: There will be strict curfews to prevent you from enjoying yourself.

While curfews are a common rule for coliving spaces in the Philippines, they’re mostly enforced to make sure you’re safe. However, if you do plan on being out after curfew, there’s nothing a quick permission slip from both your parents and your beekeeper can’t fix.

If you prefer a coliving space without curfews, you can inquire about it by calling Rentalbee at (+63) 917 637 8998, or emailing [email protected]. For other room-related concerns, roomies can also refer to the frequently asked questions at!

We understand that the student coliving experience isn’t for everyone, but we do believe that everyone should try it out at least once. Not only is it your best opportunity to learn more about yourself and others, but a way to grow as a person while making memories, too!