More than a year has gone by, but unfortunately, the pandemic is still here to stay. How have you been, Bee Buddies?

Being stuck at home has been quite a challenge to all of us. We’ve been longing for the ‘normal life’ that we used to have before this pandemic stole it from us. Hay.

However, on a brighter note, being stuck at home is not all that bad as it seems to be. It has actually made us view life from a different perspective. It made us realize valuable lessons in life that we failed to see when we were living our "normal lives" back then.

Here are some of them:

1. Never take anything for granted.

Admit it or not, we usually neglect the simple things and the normal days we had before because they have been a part of our daily routine. Now that we are suffering from this pandemic, we regret the times when we failed to appreciate the greatness behind the simplest things in life.

2. Appreciate the little things.

Learn to be grateful for the little things in life because they usually mean the most. Learn to appreciate the ordinary days when you can walk under the blazing heat of the sun, dine out with your family, go out with your roomies, spend time outdoors, and do whatever you need and whatever you want.

Learn to count your blessings each day. Having an attitude of gratitude will definitely help you overcome whatever challenges that may come your way.

Learn to hug your loved ones a little tighter before you bid farewell to them because no one knows what happens next, no one knows when you will see them again.

3. Tomorrow is not promised.

Nothing is indeed certain about tomorrow, so you’ve got to cherish every moment while it lasts. No one knows exactly what will happen weeks, months, or years from now. Who would have thought that we’ll be in a pandemic situation now, right?

The world can make a 180-degree turn, and we can never be ready for it. So, don’t waste whatever time you have in your hands. Take chances, try new things, do whatever makes your soul shine NOW. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

4. Kindness can go a long way.

Even in times of crisis, people always have something to give. After all, giving is not always about monetary value or any material thing. It can be in the form of a prayer, time, and effort as long as you give it with your whole heart and without expecting anything in return. When an opportunity to help knocks at your door, open it because this may mean the world for the people in need.

We know that everyone is struggling especially in our current pandemic situation. Every person has his own baggage that he carries with him every day. But you know, it takes a pure and kind heart to be able to help others even when that same person needs some help as well.

Let’s never forget to be kind, even when others are not.

Now, let me ask you. What are your #QuarantineRealizations so far, Bee Buddies?