A few months ago, we never would have thought we’d be stuck indoors, crippled from our physical connections. Our plans all hinged on the continued operation of the world around us, when suddenly we are told to halt it all and stay at home. With reason too, especially since it’s incredibly important to flatten the curve and help halt the spread of the virus. It’s been a hard month, and “being okay” has taken on a whole new meaning. How do you make sure you keep the strength during this quarantine, and maintain a resilient mind?

1. Communicate with yourself

No, it’s not time for “Crispin, Basilio” a la Sisa. Communicating with yourself means being in touch with your inner thoughts, and managing the positive and the negative inside. You must not forget that your relationship with yourself is the most important during your lifetime. Self love IS a form of love. You don’t have to go over the top either. A 5-minute meditation can help you clear your mind and keep it clear for a few minutes. Reflecting over a cup of coffee can be a big help, during which you can ask yourself how you’ve been doing. It will always be important to take the time off your day and check on yourself, making sure that your mood and energy is still positive and well-taken care of. When you are able to attune to yourself on a deeper level, you will be able to highlight your strengths and work on your points for improvement.

2. Plant seeds of positivity

It’s easy to be demotivated, especially since almost everyone in the world right now is going through shock from this pandemic. Add to that the almost barrage of negative news from almost all sources, and it can be hard to maintain your positivity. It may be easier to roll over and give in to helplessness, but quitting is never the way! If you can’t find the positive, then plant it within yourself. Start looking at the world from a glass half full perspective. Read books that inspire you, and watch movies that get you laughing tearfully. Reach out and talk to people who inspire and motivate you, and share the positive seeds that have bloomed from within. If the world seems gloomy, light the path to positivity in your own way and share it with other people.

3. Learn how to bend so as not to break

Like it or not, we have a new normal we have to acknowledge. We will not be able to completely go back to how we were before, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. Glass half full remember? When we slowly allow ourselves to attune to our new normal instead of it breaking us, we improve ourselves to the circumstances presented to us. It’s important to know when to be steadfast, and when to be as flexible as bamboo. By doing so we let ourselves grow into better versions of ourselves.

Change doesn’t always have to be negative. So long as we manage ourselves and our reactions to it, we will come out as better people and succeed in developing better versions of ourselves.