Metro Manila is a hotspot of some of the most prestigious schools in the Philippines, including the Big 4 and U-Belt Universities. Thousands of hopeful roomies move to Metro Manila, a whole, hearty buffet serving quality education and growth opportunities for a head start to their professional careers.

However, one of the common reservations of living in Metro Manila is affording the expensive urban life, where the wealthiest cities in the country are located. As of writing, the estimated monthly cost of a single person is P28,903.67, and that is without rent, according to Numbeo.

Learn how you can make the most out of your stay in the city, and how renting a coliving space with Rentalbee can help you achieve that!

1. Consider coliving with roomies!

At the heart of Rentalbee is coliving, where roomies share a space and its amenities to alleviate the rental expenses while enjoying the benefits of having a close-knit, built-in community to accompany you. Not only is it convenient for your student budget, coliving is also healthy for your overall well-being; because if the months of isolation have taught us anything, it’s that social interactions are “good 4 u!”

2. Skip the traffic. Rent a space near Your school.

No exaggerations — it’s an understatement to complain how traffic in Metro Manila is one hell of a ride. At least four hours of back-and-forth commute could have been converted into four more additional hours of precious sleep or review period. Instead of paying transportation fares that accumulate overtime, make sure to choose a space for rent that’s just a walking distance to your school. The Rentalbee website has a smart filter feature that sorts properties and rooms for rent near your school or location, and a price range depending on your preferences!

3. Be mindful of where your money flows to.

While touring around the town, try counting the nearby malls of all kinds and sizes. To put it quite plainly, Metro Manila is teeming with shopping centers for gastronomic delights, fashion items, entertainment hubs, and anything you could think of. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy this or that, or else you’ll wake up one day wondering why your entire monthly allowance is gone two weeks into the month. Take it from us, your nagging mother: “You’re already an adult!” You should already be responsible for your personal finance, and keep track of your money.

4. Distractions, distractions… no distracting!

Always keep in mind your main goal for moving to Metro Manila, most probably to finish a college degree. Unfortunately, there are a lot of distractions that might get you off track, like a part-time job, weekend drinking at parties with blockmates, people you’ll come across with, or a new hobby to get your hands busy in. While it’s not entirely a red flag to have side endeavors besides academics, it’s important that you set boundaries and manage how much time you spend on each activity.

5. Maximize the kitchen.

Since there isn’t anyone at your coliving space to cook your meals, the most renowned alternative is fast food, may it be from the drive-thru, online delivery, or take-out from the convenience store. Unfortunately, eating out regularly is detrimental for your health and budget. If your coliving space for rent includes a private or communal kitchen, why not learn how to make your own? In addition to having the freedom to pick dishes and serving portions, you can store them into microwavable tupperwares or refrigerators in the evening for consumption the following day.

6. Look after yourself.

Regular exercise shouldn’t be sacrificed for your busy college schedule. Most often, schools and Rentalbee’s coliving properties for rent offer accessible gym services, where you can establish your fitness routine and get your body moving. Or if heavy lifting and intense workouts are not your cup of tea, you can run around your school’s campus early in the morning and savor the beautiful sceneries. In addition to that, remember to drink lots of water, take vitamins, and get proper rest. Getting sick with no parent or guardian to tend you (and missing classes due to it) is the least thing you’d want to happen in your move-in to Metro Manila.

Moving into Metro Manila for college can make roomies feel like a small, irrelevant fish in this great, big pond. In this fast-paced world, sometimes you just want to stay behind, and wonder what if you go back home? But life, as we know it, is a journey where there’s nowhere to go but forward.