Getting into college is like going on an adventure. Meeting new friends, creating new memories, and finding the right place to call home. Despite the difference in experiences formed during college, one of our most shared and collective experiences is the difficulty of finding and staying in a place you can actually call home.

This home is not just a simple space where you sleep in, but a place where you can live - a safe haven for you after a long day’s work and study. The problem is, it’s never easy to find a place like this especially in the jungle of Manila. Trust me, we know. U-belt students face the challenge of unsafe apartments in dark and sketchy streets, unreasonable landlords, and even higher rent for an overpriced room. Even reviewees face the challenge of finding a conducive home during their short stay in the city in preparation for their boards. Looking for the best place for you is like looking for a needle in a haystack, where you have to walk the streets yourself to view what apartments are available and would fit what you need.

We at Rentalbee saw this challenge.

It was this challenge that Rentalbee sought to resolve. As a startup company, it focuses on connecting students to the best dorms that would fit their needs. By creating the bridge between the property owners and the students, from looking for a suitable dorm to actually knowing the area, a rag-tag group of friends and former students decided to help the leaders of tomorrow to find a place to call their home away from home.

Co-founder Ryan Llamoso helped launch the start-up company Rentalbee as the solution to the common problem of most students: looking for the best dorm that suits their needs. This idea was formed during the time he and his brother Patrick Llamoso were unable to find a room to rent as a makeshift office around the U-belt. All this, while working their sideline as digital marketers and studying.

"We wanted to change the difficult, old-fashioned and bureaucratic renting process and put everything to an easy-to-use online marketplace," according to Patrick, a student from FEU.

UST, FEU, and NU are only a few of the big universities located here in Manila, and each year new students will look for the best place to settle in. What the Llamoso brothers aim to do is to make the process easier, more efficient, and fun. Not only for the students, but also for the property owners and managers.

From solo rooms to five bedroom dorms, Rentalbee has been working day in and day out to find partners with high quality and affordable dorms around Manila’s U-belt area. The company is also partnered with some universities in providing safe and quality housing facilities for their students. They have also started to tap dormitories and universities in other “STUDENT POPULATED AREAS” such as Taft, Katipunan and Intramuros. All THESE to provide students from around the country and outside a safe place to rest, study and socialize.

Armed with the right tools and data, the Rentalbee team has been making leaps with no plans on stopping. "To provide an easier and efficient way for students to find their home and more is our dream. We believe as much as the late Dr. Jose Rizal believed that the younger generation will be the leaders of tomorrow. What we do is simply find those future leaders a home away from home.”